Tips & Tricks

Windows XP Professional includes the facility to enable your computer’s desktop to be accessed remotely from other PCs via the Remote Desktop Connection tool.

Right-click the My Computer icon on your desktop or start menu and click ‘Properties’. From the Remote tab, tick ‘Allow users to remotely connect to this computer’. Click ‘OK’ and add a password to your account from the User Accounts Control Panel. Remember, a password is mandatory.

To control your PC from another PC, click ‘Start > All Programs > Accessories > Communications’ or download the Remote Desktop Client.

A screen will appear for you to select your target PC from the drop-down menu or type in its name/IP address and click ‘Connect’. If your firewall throws up a prompt, allow the connection.

You’ll need to log on using your password. Once done, you can use the PC as if you were sitting at it. To relinquish control close the dialog. To change settings, open Remote Desktop Connection and click ‘Settings’.

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