Tips & Tricks

Windows XP

Remove the Recycle Bin | Make folders stand out | Change your icons | Make custom icons | Remove text from icons | Remove programs from the ‘Open With’ list | Choose a new screensaver | Personalize your folders with images | Edit your drive names | Disable autorun for discs | Index of the Windows CMD command line | Add your own sound effects | Correct file sorting | Display shortcut keys | Use Group Policy Editor | Restrict folder access in Group Policy Editor | Restrict hard drive access in Group Policy Editor | Lockdown the Start menu | Limit control panel access | Encrypt an entire folder | Unload application DLL files on closure | Keep the Windows XP OS in RAM | Disable unnecessary services | Reduce hanging time | Improve performance by configuring custom hardware profiles | Set up a virtual private network | Access your PC from work with Remote desktop | Speed up the remote desktop | Request assistance from a friend | 

Windows 7

Burn images | Get a power efficiency report | Set the time zone | Switch to a projector | Take control | Easily set screen resolution | Calibrate your screen | Add network support | Activate XP mode | Fault-Tolerant Help | Control devices and printers | Automatically switch your default printer | Create and mount VHD files | Calculate more | Explore God Mode | Right-click everything | Display the old taskbar button context menu | Desktop slideshow | Index of Windows PowerShell 2.0 commands | Disable Windows Features | Recover screen space | Make text easier to read | Enjoy a retro taskbar | Remove taskbar buttons | Restore the Quick Launch Toolbar | Custom power switch | Auto arrange your desktop | Disable smart window arrangement | Browse your tasks | Display your drives | See more detail | Extend your jumplists | Disable Aero Peek | Pin a drive to the taskbar | 

Windows 8

Open from the lock screen | Handle basic navigation | Group apps | Find your applications | Make access easier | Shut down | Use the app bar | Launch apps from the desktop | See what’s running | Close an app | Master Internet Explorer in Windows 8 | Spell check | Run two apps side by side | Run as Administrator | Make a large app tile smaller | Uninstall easily | Customize app privacy | Show administrative tools | Search everywhere | Install anything | Pin app contents to the Start screen | Log in automatically | Use six apps at once | Learn Windows key shortcuts | Boot desktop apps faster | Launch programs fast | Take intelligent screengrabs | Default to Photo Viewer | Set up Windows 8 File History | Keep apps quiet | Enable virtual machines | Smart search | Set Start screen background | Boot to the desktop | Schedule maintenance | Close apps easily | Set a picture password |

Windows 10 (Coming Soon)


Control a Mac remotely | Talk to and listen to your Mac | Run Windows | Add clips from websites to Dashboard | Type exotic characters | Record screencasts | Zoom into the screen | Slow down animations | Quickly, smartly and elegantly import with Image Capture | Annotate PDFs and images | Sign your documents | Crop, resize and tweak images | Index of the Apple OS X command line | Edit videos in QuickTime Player | Make a keyboard shortcut for anything | Use Automator and Services for speed | Use the app switcher to do more | Do quick sums with Spotlight | Upload movies to YouTube with QuickTime | Speed up the Bookmarks bar | Close many windows quickly | Hide apps quickly | Open a file’s location in Finder from Spotlight | See hidden options | Rename, duplicate and revert files easily | Switch audio source/output from the menu bar | Quickly type out the phrases you regularly use | 


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