Tips & Tricks

Reclaim memory and other resources by streamlining which services run on your PC. Open Task Manager (Use shortcut [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[Escape]) on the ‘Processes’ tab.

Click the ‘Image Name column’ header once to sort processes by name, then find all the svchost.exe entries. Make a note of their size in KB. Next, you’ll need to open the Services console. Click ‘Start > Run’, and type ‘services.mmc’. A list of all currently installed services is displayed in alphabetical order, along with their statuses, telling you if they are running or not.

Double-click a service and identify its file from the ‘Path to executable’ box. Search for this file name in your favoured search engine to find out more about it.

Various services rely on other services to function, so you need to verify your service isn’t required by another one you want to use. Switch to the ‘Dependencies’ tab to check for dependants.

Once you’ve verified that you don’t need a service, change it to Manual by double-clicking its entry and changing its Startup type. Don’t disable it unless the service could be a security risk.

After disabling the unnecessary services, restart Windows XP. Check the memory consumption of svchost.exe in Task Manager again – use the Commit Charge figure to help determine how much memory you’ve saved.

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