Tips & Tricks

Instead of restricting other users you could always just encrypt important folders in Windows XP. You need to select the folder to encrypt by right-clicking ‘Start > Explore’. Navigate to the directory then right-click it and select ‘Properties’.
Click ‘Advanced’ and check ‘Encrypt Contents’ to secure data. Click ‘OK > OK’. This will encrypt the currently selected folder. Windows XP can apply this setting to just the files contained or to all the files and folders.
You’ll be prompted to confirm whether you wish to apply encryption to just the selected folder, or to also encrypt its subfolders. Choose the option that suits you and then click ‘OK’. In Windows XP it’s easy to tell which files have been encrypted – all encrypted files are coloured green, and compressed files are blue.
Note: Encrypting File System (EFS) is part of Windows XP Professional, but not the Home Edition.

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