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You might have used Linux man pages to understand more about a command, function etc. But, what if you want to know which man pages discuss about a particular topic. For example, what if I want to know that which man pages discuss about ‘login’?

Well, there exists an option -k through which you can do this. Here is an example :

$ man -k login
access.conf (5) – the login access control table file
add-shell (8) – add shells to the list of valid login shells
chsh (1) – change login shell
faillog (5) – login failure logging file
faillog (8) – display faillog records or set login failure limits
getlogin (3) – get username
getlogin_r (3) – get username
gnome-session-properties (1) – Configure applications to start on login
hotot (7) – lightweight & opensource microbloging client
issue (5) – prelogin message and identification file
lastlog (8) – reports the most recent login of all users or of a given user
login (1) – begin session on the system
login (3) – write utmp and wtmp entries
login.defs (5) – shadow password suite configuration
login_tty (3) – tty utility functions
logname (1) – print user’s login name

So we see that all the man pages that discuss about ‘login’ were displayed in the output.

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