Tips & Tricks

Windows XP Professional Edition includes the Group Policy Editor, which is a very powerful tool that enables you to configure what permissions and access each account has. This isn’t available in the Home Edition.
To launch it, Choose ‘Start > Run’ and enter gpedit. msc in the ‘Open’ bar. Click ‘OK’. Expand ‘User Configuration’ in the left-hand pane. You’ll see subfolders for ‘Software settings’, ‘Windows settings’ and ‘Administrative templates’.
By expanding these, you can find a range of options to configure. Expand ‘Administrative templates’, followed by ‘Control panel’. Here you can alter what appears in the user’s control panel.
One particularly useful setting is the one that prohibits access so you can stop other users changing your settings. Double-click ‘Prohibit access to the control panel’ in the right-hand pane. This opens a dialog. Select ‘Enabled’ and click ‘OK’. Choose the ‘Explain’ tab to find out more about this setting.
Each setting listed here has three options for configuration. ‘Not configured’ means you’ll make no change to the current setup. ‘Enabled’ turns the setting on, and ‘Disabled’ turns it off again. It’s worth exploring the various configurations you can make, but make sure you’re fully backed up before you do so.

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